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What is Ubercode?

It's an easy-to-use programming environment that lets you create apps for Microsoft Windows. Ubercode is ideal for beginners and more advanced programmers alike. Try the Free Trial now!

Do you want to learn programming?

Ubercode is ideal - there's a free trial, over 100 example programs covering most tasks, and friendly help in the forums. You can write a Hello World app in just minutes.

Want to make things easier?

Most programming environments are too complex - now there's an easier way! If you want a well-designed language, online help and a friendly forum try out Ubercode now. The Money Back Guarantee means zero risk.

Do you want to make an EXE file?

Let's say you know Windows, you know a lot about your subject area and you know something about programming. You want a no-fuss method of creating a program that runs on Microsoft Windows. Ubercode easily creates Windows EXE files, and you can package the EXEs for redistribution or sale. Read what other Ubercode developers have to say!

Start now!

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