Ubercode - Write Apps for Windows

What is Ubercode?

It's an easy-to-use programming environment that lets you create apps for Microsoft Windows. Ubercode is ideal for beginners and more advanced programmers alike. Try the Free Trial now!

Want to create business apps?

The Ubercode Professional Pack makes it easy to connect to databases and to create distributed apps. Meet business needs by deploying apps with a minimum of fuss. Get immediate help from the Ubercode forum and from our friendly support!

Are you a Professional Developer?

You have a wealth of experience - but sometimes you just want a quick way to write an app. Ubercode is a clean tool for producing standalone EXE files without needing frameworks or webservers, and you can re-use bitmaps, icons and resource files. You simply write your app using a clean modern language, then package the app for deployment. Read about writing software with Ubercode to see the features in more detail.

Do you want to learn programming?

Ubercode is ideal - there's a free trial, over 100 example programs covering most tasks, and friendly help in the forums. You can write a Hello World app in just minutes.

Start now!

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